The new adventures

This blog has been neglected for so long, mostly because I didn’t have much to write about. In January 2008, I was officially diagnosed with a circadian rhythm disorder, specifically delayed-sleep type. My body naturally wants to sleep from about 4am until about 12:30pm, so this didn’t come as a surprise to me, given all […]

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Late night creativity

When I was younger, in high school and college, people called me extremely creative. Among my favorite activities (before high-speed internet was readily available to me) included drawing in pencil, charcoal, or chalk pastel and writing poems and short fiction stories. I filled sketchbook after sketchbook with penciled illustrations, still lifes, cartoons, and perspective designs. […]

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This is a companion blog to my website at, and I’m using this one strictly for documenting my adventures in delayed sleep phase syndrome and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.


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