Slog 01.03.08

(All slog entries begin at 12:00am and end at 11:59pm on that date, documenting sleep on- and offset times, plus any food, caffeine, or alcohol consumption.)

Midnight: shortly after 12am I go downstairs for a snack of hummus and crackers.

2am: I turn off the computer and lights and got into bed.

3.30am: I fall asleep for the first time, waking up every 20-25 minutes until 5.00am.

5.30am: I wake up for about 15 minutes, then asleep with no disturbances!

8am: the alarms sound off—I sleep through them.

9.30am: half-asleep, I wonder when my alarms are going to beep.

10am: oh em gee! Get out of bed!

11.30am: work should have started two hours ago.

2pm: I have a small coffee with cream and sugar.

4pm: my late lunch consists of a can of Coke and lentil soup.

9pm: I finish off the hummus and crackers after a veggie bologna sandwich.

11pm: the bed is comfy, but no sleep for me yet.


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