Slog 01.11.08

Back-slogs are back-dated. And since I’m finally updating these, I’m only adding the bare minimum: on my sleep log for the doctor, I’m only noting things with initials, like C for caffeine. For some entries, I forget what I ate, and M means nothing to me beyond meal!

(All slog entries begin at 12:00am and end at 11:59pm on that date, documenting sleep on- and offset times, plus any food, caffeine, or alcohol consumption.)

3.30am: in bed and immediately asleep

8am: the alarms sound off—I sleep through them.

9am: out of bed

10.30am: breakfast with caffeine

4-7pm: travel to NYC for a concert

7pm: a very large Coke

11.30pm: pierogi, blitz, and latke with coffee


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