This past weekend I went to New York for a concert on Friday night and a trip to MoMA on Saturday.

Fun times! Excitement! Great food! Awesome music! Inspiring artwork!

My sleep was a bit messed up over the past few days, and I woke up to only my cell phone alarm clock on Saturday at 9.30am to get ready for brunch before hitting the museum. My friend Jon let me sleep in his guest room, which is awesome, as it houses, in addition to a Street Fighter 2 arcade machine and a sofa bed, his file server. The closets made a lovely white noise similar to my own machine. I was in heaven!

However, I haven’t been able to publish my slog, as I had no access to the internet, let alone wordpress. So there’s a back-slog, so to speak. That should be corrected tomorrow… or later today?

(Wwords like “today” and “tomorrow” always throw me off, since I never seen to fall asleep before midnight. Is it only tomorrow after I sleep and wake up again? Bah.)


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