Slog 01.17.08

(All slog entries begin at 12:00am and end at 11:59pm on that date, documenting sleep on- and offset times, plus any food, caffeine, or alcohol consumption.)

12am: I get into bed pretty early tonight!

12.30am: Sleepytime overcomes me.

8am: the alarms sound off—I sleep through them.

9am: Up, up, up!

11am: Breakfast equals oatmeal and coke.

12.30pm: I’m at Borders anyway, I might as well grab coffee and a sandwich at the cafe.

4.30pm: I’d rather have the salsa tortilla Combos, but the machine denies me. Cheese pretzel is it!

8.30pm: Sweet potato casserole for dinner? Oh yeah, that’s good stuff.


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