Slog 01.21.08

(All slog entries begin at 12:00am and end at 11:59pm on that date, documenting sleep on- and offset times, plus any food, caffeine, or alcohol consumption.)

2am: my brother and I finally stop giggling long enough for me to get into bed.

2.30am: I’m asleep, even though he’s still on my computer.

9am: who let the dog into my room?

10.30am: all right, I’m a bit hungry, let’s go downstairs.

11am: breakfast! Eggs with cheese and veggie bacon.

3pm: Cloverfield is awesome! Of course I have popcorn and a coke while watching this.

5.30pm: I’ll have a coffee with cream and sugar, thanks.

6.30pm: oh man, I do so love those cheese fries at Nifty Fifty’s.

11pm: I feel sleepy… I might as well get into bed.


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